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A few Good Masons.Every Christian Mason Should Be A Knights Templar….Knights Templar


“We areĀ the spiritual descendents of the orders of Knights who devoted their lives and fortunes to the protection and service of pilgrims in the Holy Land.”

A Brief History

The modern Knights Templar are fashioned after the orders of knights who protected pilgrims in the Holy Land during the crusader. With unswerving devotion to God and their order, these knights became known to Christians and Muslims alike for their chivalry, humility, and courage. These devout men owned nothing except their armor, weapons, and horses. All wealth and achievement was dedicated through their order to the glory of God.

With such devotion and the mission of protecting Christians and Christianity in the Holy Lands, the Knights Templar became a successful order with established bases all over Europe. As a result they became an international power with allegiance to no single feudal lord. This placed them in political competition with the Pope as the power center of Europe. The wealth amassed during the hundreds of years of crusades eventually became too tempting a target of the decaying feudal system economically bled dry by years of war. Charles the Fair of France and Pope Clement combined to destroy the order and seize their extensive holdings in Europe. The Pope declared the Templars heretics and dangerous, had many slaughtered in their castles and when they would not betray the other Knights of their order, had the leaders burned at the stake. Modern Templars accept the tenets of the original Knights taking upon themselves the charge to labor in the service of truth, righteousness and justice. Vowing, in the traditions of Knighthood and Chivalry, to protect those who can not protect themselves.


Like their ancient predecessors, the modern Knights Templar are individuals who share a commonality of purpose and belief. As such, they are drawn together in a brotherhood to explore the mysteries of their order. The Knight is bolstered by the commonality of his fellows, but the order is not only focused inward. There are many opportunities for drawing the family into activities with a special recognition and status for the Lady of a Knight. Beyond the family there is an ongoing outreach into the community that expands for a third time, the circle of fellowship of mutually rewarding activities.


The Knights Templar provide a path for those who wish to continue the growth of character, morality and brotherly love through Freemasonry. Building on what is taught in lodge, the modern Knights Templar add the lessons of Christian brotherhood and devotion to duty that so marked the ancient Templars.

The modern Templar is a Knight in every sense as were his ancient brothers. Steeped in the spirit of chivalry, he is devoted to honor in all things, abhorring cruelty, deceit and cowardice. Devoted to duty to his order and his country, he is a leader in protecting the rights of others especially those who cannot protect themselves.

The Knights Templar Home in Paxton

Open to all Masons and there families, the The Knights Templar Home, in Paxton, is supported by the Knights Templar as a service to their brothers. In the highest Masonic tradition, the home is a place where the aged and infirm can get care in an atmosphere of brotherly love. Located in central Illinois, it is convenient to all parts of the state.

The Knights Templar Eye Foundation

This nationwide foundation is instrumental in providing care for anyone with serious eye disease and without financial means to receive treatment. The Fund is so respected within the medical community that necessary treatment can begin with only the word of the director.


The Knights Templar like all Masonic bodies, reflects and builds on many fine traditions. The modern Knights Templar trace their origin back to the founding of the original order in Jerusalem near the end of the First Crusade. Today, that spirit lives on. It is captured in the Commandery by the modern Knights. Nobleness of purpose, commitment to a cause, self sacrifice and honor are not just abstractions, they live in the chivalry of the Knights Templar where pageantry and action combine for the good of the order and the world.

All Master Masons are Welcome

The Knights Templar is at the pinnacle of York Rite Masonry. A Master Mason begins his journey towards knighthood by petitioning for York Rite degrees and orders which include those offered by a Royal Arch Chapter, a Cryptic Council and a Commandery of Knight’s Templar.

Ask a York Rite Mason for your petition today or e-mail to the webmaster or any member listed in this web site.